Here at Haven, we bring investing back to the basics. Let's break down our approach:

1.) Diversification: Each of our portfolios is fully diversified across asset classes to help investors achieve a higher rate of return while limiting risk—basically, we're putting a lot of eggs in a lot of different baskets. To do this, we build our portfolios through the purchase of broad based Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). So not only are you diversified within an asset, you are also diversified across assets.

2.) Passive management: 'Smart' people spend a lot of time cooking up foolproof strategies to deliver above-average market returns. However, the vast majority of these strategies fail to beat the market. Over the past 100 years, the markets have survived depressions, world wars, tech bubbles, and real estate collapses. The strategy that most investors would have been best off going with is the boring old passive strategy of buy and hold. 

3.) Everyone is unique and so are your investments! You may not be an investment master, but who you are is one of the most important elements of our approach. When you join Haven, you answer a risk questionnaire and tell us a little about what you're saving/growing your money for, so we can customize your portfolio.

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