Keeping your personal data private and secure is a top priority for Haven Money. We have designed multilayer security protections. We use the same level of 256-bit encryption used by banks and the military. Your encrypted data is stored on servers in a heavily guarded data-center. We have internal processes in place so that access to your data is restricted to only our employees who need to see it. We routinely audit our network to prevent vulnerabilities and unauthorized access from taking place.

Some of the specific security measures we use include:

  • SSL/TLS encryption of network communications between all of our servers
  • Networking provided by an ISO 27001 certified cloud computing infrastructure
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) mandated for our internal tools
  • Regular software updates throughout our office and system infrastructure, to keep pace with current security improvements throughout the software industry
  • Strict internal policies governing who has access to what kind of data, as well as how that data is stored
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