Personal finance shouldn't be a full-time job. We are your financial team.

Haven started as a side project to help our friends, but friends asked if their friends could join, and then those friends told their friends, and now we are here to be your financial allies. 

Managing your finances is complex. Doing it right can feel like an insurmountable challenge, with so much to learn, explore, and manage.

It doesn’t help that financial institutions simply aren’t incentivized to make the experience better. They win when you make mistakes, and their ecosystems have evolved to be a confusing tangle of products that don't make sense.

Haven plans to change that.

We believe everyone should have an ally who knows the rules and advocates for their interests first.

After thousands of hours of research and development, we've created Haven to abstract the entire US financial system into a single interface. Haven is designed to do the right thing for you by default, so you only need to think about your money when you want to.

Our vision is to become the autopilot for your finances—you set the destination and we’ll make sure you get there. As Haven learns how your life is changing, it adapts to whatever life presents you—all while guiding you through every decision we make. Haven will free you from worrying about whether you’re making the right financial decisions.

Put your mind to rest and your money to work.

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