Want to transfer your investment account or IRA to another adviser or brokerage? We've written simple instructions here for the most common options that we see our clients use. If you need help following these guides, don't hesitate to contact us at help@havenmoney.com or by using the chat button in the bottom right of this screen.

Cash Transfer (Easiest Option)

The easiest option for moving money out of Haven is to make a withdrawal from your Haven investment account or IRA, and then make a deposit to you account held elsewhere.

For Taxable Accounts:
On your Haven Investment Account, you'll pay taxes on the gains when selling your stock to withdraw, and you may be able to claim a deduction on the losses. It's important to note that the tax is only on the change in the value of the account, not the total balance. Once you've withdrawn the funds, you may then deposit them with another brokerage or advisor.

For IRAs:
From our experience, the easiest way to move your IRA is with an IRA rollover. An eligible rollover from your Haven IRA to an IRA managed by another adviser or brokerage is a non-taxable transaction. To be eligible, you'll need to complete the process within 60 of withdrawing your funds and report the rollover when doing your taxes. You'll receive a Form 1099-R from our broker at the end of the year, which is the only additional form you'll need to file your taxes.

In any case, we're here to help with the process. Just send us an email (help@havenmoney.com) or a text (650-614-5451).


  1. Open an account at Wealthfront
  2. Find your Haven account number
  3. Create an Apex Clearing login
  4. Walk through the Wealthfront transfer process, using "Apex Clearing" as the name of the firm

Charles Schwab

  1. Create a taxable account or IRA at Schwab, which matches the kind of account you have at Haven
  2. Find your Haven investment/IRA account number
  3. Walk through the Schwab transfer form (available from the top of their logged-in dashboard)

Betterment (NOTE: Betterment does not support in-kind transfers of securities)

  1. Important note: when we are asked to transfer a taxable investment account to Betterment, they ask us to liquidate the account into cash first. This means that you may incur capital gains tax. We recommend moving taxable accounts to Charles Schwab or Wealthfront.
  2. Walk through the transfer account flow at Betterment
  3. You should get a PDF at the end with instructions for us on how to transfer your account
  4. Sign that PDF and email it to transfers@havenmoney.com
  5. We'll do the rest

Other firms or advisers

If you need help transferring to another firm, reach out to us at help@havenmoney.com or via the chat button in the bottom right. We'd be happy to help you get things moved over. Generally, we'll need you to submit either their transfer paperwork, or submit our standard ACATS form to transfers@havenmoney.com. You can find your Haven account number here.

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